Website #1 Cyberbullying - Part 1

(Worksheet #1) Use the following website to complete the worksheet on cyberbullying. (Worksheet = 20 pts)
What is Cyberbullying? (Teen Advice)

Website #2 What is Cyberbullying - Part 2

(Worksheet #2 - (Page 1) Fill out the second part of the worksheet using website below:
Stop Cyberbullying

Website #3 How are Teens Cyberbullied

Worksheet #2 (Page 2) Use the following website to find the answers on the 2nd part of the assignment
How are Teens Cyberbullied

Website #4 Preventing Cyberbullying

Worksheet #3. The website below gives 10 tips to prevent cyberbullying. Write one sentence summing up what you think is the most important from the explanations of each of the tips. Use complete sentences. (Worksheet = 10 pts)
Cyberbullying Top Ten Tips for Teens